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The Taylor Whitley Show Up Foundation

"Show up, give a flip, repeat."  TRW


The Taylor Whitley Show Up Foundation

At A Glance

The Taylor Whitley Show Up Foundation highlights and recognizes high school and college students who exemplify "SHOWING UP" through grants and scholarships. Taylor was a former Aggie and NFL football player, but more importantly his motto was Show Up. Give a Flip. and Repeat!

Showing Up is the extraordinary act of making a difference in someone else's life by valuing them more than yourself.

The unique characteristic of this award is the fact that it is CHARACTER based, not ACADEMIC based. Exactly as Taylor would have it. Taylor believed that character was everything and that your character would be your legacy..... exactly how his became.

Show Up Recipients

Recipient Stories

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Mail a check to:

Taylor Whitley Show Up Scholarship Fund

Third Coast Bank 85 Oak Drive

Lake Jackson, TX 77566 


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email with any questions

Recipient Stories


Jake Pate

Jake showed up when: While working as a cashier at HEB, he realized one woman didn't have enough money to pay for her groceries - two days before Christmas. Jake decided to pay for her groceries himself. His extraordinary act eventually aired on Good Morning America, inspiring people across the country.

WTHR News Coverage

Click2Houston News Coverage 


Jasmine Royston

Jasmine showed up when: As a member of the Brazosport High School band, she supported the football team against their rivals during a heavy rainstorm. The rest of the band left the stands due to a weather delay - except for Jasmine. She stayed, and singlehandedly played her team to victory that evening. Both the team and the community were impressed and touched by her perseverance.  

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